Give Back

Alumni Scholarships

Today, the typical medical student graduates with an average debt of more than $190,000, and each year, alumni scholarships make up approximately 20 percent of all our endowed scholarship giving. As you can see, alumni remain vital to our educational mission.

Currently, there are 31 active endowed class and general alumni scholarships, in addition to eight named funds from individual alumni.

Scholarship recipient, Mona Lotfipour

Despite this amazing number, our students need more support.


How to Help 

As self-perpetuating funds, endowments spin off earned interest each year, while the principal is preserved to generate future scholarships. Consequently, the larger the endowment, the more students we can help. 

If you are interested in establishing an alumni endowment, please contact Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations Jayanne Sevast for more information. Also contact Jayanne to find out if your class already has a scholarship, or if you would like to help develop one. 

To make an immediate impact, you can give online today.


Mentor a Student

Consider becoming a mentor with the Penn State Alumni Association's FastStart Mentoring Program!

Alumni mentors work with first-year students from African-American, Latino/Hispanic, Asian and Asian/Pacific- American backgrounds, as well as others who want to get a jump start on their careers. Matches are made in early September based on student interest. Contact Lindsey Zapletal at or 814-863-6386.